Hanford Plaza Group 2014-04-02

Customer Background

At the Guangdong Province in China, the Hanford Plaza Group had undertaken a very comprehensive real estate project. With a construction scale of 15,000 square meters, the entire project will include residential, education, entertainment as well as restaurants. 

Business Challenge
-   Each counter is specially designed; The POS needs to match well with its surrounding

-  Clean and organized cables; Small Footprint

-  Portable and movable without complicated instructions

-  Very stable and reliable POS

Solutions and Benefits

In September of 2011, FEC was asked to participate in the project proposal.  Numerous POS manufacturers participated in the competition and gave presentations of their products. FEC China focused their presentation of four major advantages of Retail Smart:

  1. Fashion design concept
  2. Compact and beautiful design
  3. Highly integrated peripherals
  4. Reliable fanless design

By the middle of November 2011, FEC had received the confirmation that they had won the project.