C-Store 2014-04-02

Customer Background
C-Store is a Chinese domestic convenience chain with over 600 stores throughout mainland China. C-Store opened their first store in Shanghai in April of 2001 and has since opened stores throughout Shanghai and the surrounding provinces. By 2003, C-Store branches were open in Hangzhou, Suzhou and in Kunshan as well as the southern provinces such as Guangzhou. The vision for C-Store has been to provide the most diverse and high quality items and friendly service to their customers.



  1. Long hours of operation, High usage frequency
  2. Debris in environment
  3. High foot traffic can lead unintentional contact with system
  4. Temperature and humidity can vary significantly from different parts of China
  5. Need a system that can resonate with the C-Store image (upbeat, professional)
  6. Complicated peripheral integration, need robust I/O interface


FEC beat out all of the other competitors with their offering of Gladius Smart. Gladius Smart offers rugged aluminum chassis and reliable operation under
extreme weather and environmental conditions.