BREZELKÖNIG 2014-04-02

Client Background
1996 a Swiss specialist opened a liquor bakery called "pretzel king" in the centre of beautiful Switzerland.
But the Germans discovered this treasure! In early 2000 the German company DITSCH GMBH took over the "pretzel king" of Switzerland. DITSCH GMBH is now the leading manufacturer of liquor bakery in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Brezelkönig's vision was to have a POS system that needs only little space, that could be quite flat. It has to be elegant, easy to clean, resistant, fast, powerful, with a multimedia display, with a high resolution, bright lightening and it needs many interfaces for all kind of peripherals like printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner etc. etc… Brezelkönig needs to reequip approximately 60 branches all over Switzerland. The clientele of Brezelkönig is mostly Yuppies. They set a high value on what they eat. A high quality standard is the very reason of choosing their meal. So everything around the POS has to be in best accord with it.

A lot special requirements had to be considered:
Integration of a new touch-screen software to an existing back-office solution
Non-proprietary pos-software with very demanding economical functions
Robust hardware for harsh environments (summer and wintertime!)
Customized and individualized pos-installation – including peripherals
Additional multimedia display for price indications and video promotions
Easy to clean – because in between food
Our proposition - and winning solution:
We took the RICHPOS 7515 fanless, initially planned to be wall mounted, and customized it with a Swiss table stand foot
MINI-LCD 8.4” (same RP look!) customized with a VGA extension for the 2nd screen (multimedia display!)
ALL-IN-ONE-BOX customized to include printer, power supply, scanner, cash drawer and all cables!
POLYNORM – a very competent software partner with a One-Touch POS solution
POLYNORM – a very competent software developer who realised all additional functionalities


Brezelkönig does not need to arrange the importation to Switzerland. All the costs are already paid by NOVOPOS (transportation / insurances custom duties etc.). The technical support (as official distributor of FEC) but also the stock are situated in Switzerland, nearby Zurich. With FEC products Brezelkönig has a warranty of spare parts delivery for a few years.
The software support is guaranteed by POLYNORM, also in Switzerland and nearby Zurich. Although they are providing an excellent remote support.
FEC, NOVOPOS and POLYNORM are working closely together since the very beginning of NOVOPOS’ history. This kind of projects evidences a proven relationship! The customer is assured of a real understanding of his requirements (Hardware, Software and Services).
The way how this project was realised gave the customer the feeling, that he is very special. He is treated seriously from the very beginning until the installation and support. Being individual in the actual market situation means being distinguished from the mainstream. Customers feel reassured and very comfortable if they works with professionals from FEC, NOVOPOS and POLYNORM.
Projects like this show, that adapting solutions to customers wishes, can be decisive to win the deal, can become a reference installation and can improve our position in the market.
Customers want to be special! Let them be special – with a special solution!
The complete POS system looks very nice and neat. With its aesthetical design the RichPos fits at best in its surrounding area and improves it considerably.
One of the challenges was that the POS system had to be easy to clean. The plexiglas surface and the full metal housing are very simple to maintain. The fanless system guarantees that breadcrumbs and dust are not be drawn inside the POS system. Thus avoiding the never ending reproduction of germs and reflects the issue of high quality food! 
Look, design and cleanliness give the Yuppies the certainty that they are buying at the right place.