Cafe OPUS 2014-03-31

Café Opus serves unfussy British classics such as boiled egg and soldiers or creamy forest mushrooms and tarragon on toast served at any time of day or night. More substantial meals include the Brixham Market fish of the day, the roasted chicken with bubble and squeak polenta, or roasted pumpkin and butternut squash Nicoise salad with fennel seed dressing. There is also an extensive children’s menu, traditional tea and cakes and a good choice of wines by the glass.


-High foot traffic during peak hours
-Need a solution that can reduce waiting in lines
-Resistent against liquids and other environmental factors
-Prefer very modern looking system

After listening to all of the requirements of the customers, Lexit Group offered Gladius Smart from FEC. Gladius Smart is an extremely versitile system that not only looks incredibly modern, but can withstand high workload environments. 

About Lexit Group

Lexit Group is the largest and most successful player in the market within its segment with operations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Our product portfolio covers all the needs within product labeling, data capture and retail market.

The group has a strong position in the market with over 1,000 customers in the end-user market and 200 retailers with their customers. In recent years, the group had an average growth of around 20% per year and has considerable expertise in all our divisions.