Ching Shin Tea Station 2014-07-02

Customer Background
   Since 1987, when the first Ching Shin Drink Store as a small cold drinks store was opened, they have aimed to uphold the principle: ‘We make premium tea with the utmost care’. Now there are numerous franchises across Taiwan. With an enterprising spirit and ‘Trust, Innovation and Happiness’ as their motto, Ching Shin has developed new drinks with novel flavors in addition to our classic tea selection, so that their customers can have a wide variety of drinks to choose from. They customize your drink according to your personal preference, for example, if you want extra ice or sugar, just let them know. 

Business Challenge and Solution

In order to be a 
contender in the beverage market, in addition to the taste of drinks , the procurement proccess for raw materials and other operational needs have to be extremely orgaized and predictable.  In Taiwan the township has more than 1,000 stores. Ching Shin was very maticulous when choosing the POS system. They tested and analyzed all aspects of the hardware and software. In addition, they looked at the brand reputation and industry experience. After a six month, three staged evaluation process, Chin Shin decided to use FEC's Gladius system and cash drawer.