Courtepaille 2014-07-02

The popular POS terminal of FEC – Gladius has been successfully installed in Courtepaille in France. Courtepaille is the restaurant franchise strategically located along the motorway en route to holiday destinations in France. Its first restaurant was opened in 1961 and now it has evolved into a successful franchise across the nation. Courtepaille provides a bright and comfortable place for the drivers and travelers to relax and to enjoy the friendly and inexpensive dining services. In order to provide the fast and effective services over the restaurant processes, Courtepaille needs more reliable POS systems to support all their staff.

Gladius, with its injection-molded die-cast aluminum housing, is developed with a robust hospitality solution designed to withstand the harshest operating environments. The housing can protect against the ingress of dirt and dust and acts as a “heat-sink” to ensure all internal electronics operate at the lowest temperature. The considerate I/O connection design ensures the Gladius easy to integrate with various secure identification devices, such as i-Button, RFID, or Fingerprint. All the features make the Gladius the highest possible quality and reliability.

Benoit Dupuit, the general manager of FEC's good partner OPS in France indicated that there are more than 400 Gladius machines used in the chain of 175 Courtepaille Restaurants. Combined with the software package from Comtrex, the Gladius offers extensive reliability and power to the restaurants, followed with excellent support for both software and hardware maintenance from Acrelec available 7 days a week. Courtepaille is on his way to expand into the European market, and Acrelec will follow and aid with their expansion with first restaurant in opening Poland this April. In addition, Courtepaille has chosen to implement the ULV Box with the Aegis monitor, offering high mobility with a reliable cost effective solution in the up-coming summer season.