In the Fast Lane with Gladius 2014-07-02
Product: POS Systems - Gladius
Country: America
Customer: POSitive
Obvios Ltd.

Many describe visiting a NASCAR event as a great adrenaline rush. Fans are overwhelmed by the noise, the fumes and the furious atmosphere as up to 50 teams compete at venues all over the USA. Spectators enjoy a mix of sights, sounds and excitement that are unique only to motorsports. They become part of the race family, if only for the weekend.

This multi-billion dollar industry is an essential part of the great American motorsports experience. Every year the competition is played out at dozens of race tracks all over the country. At the completion of every event, the whole travelling road show is packed away in state of the art eighteen wheelers, and driven to the next venue. There are literally hundreds of trucks and thousands of people involved in this massive logistics exercise. In addition to the teams and support staff, large numbers of fans make up the unofficial entourage, travelling the country in anything from Harley-Davidson roadsters to massive RV's.

An essential part of the NASCAR experience is the merchandising operation. Race teams encourage their supporters to buy team items; everything from jackets to caps, coffee warmers, drinking glasses and bottle openers are available trackside.

Items even include figurines of the drivers and scale models of the vehicles. Nothing is left out; supporters can express their loyalty in an endless variety of ways, and at the same time teams receive a significant revenue stream. This merchandising process is managed for the teams by dedicated retailing companies, the largest of which is NYSE-listed Action Performance Companies, Inc (APC).

“APC has 33 eighteen wheelers servicing the NASCAR Market”, says Brett Bennett, CEO of POSitive Technology Inc, APC's computer system supplier. “These trucks sell merchandise in an outdoor environment, ranging from searing heat to extreme cold. In addition, at the end of each race weekend, the truck hits the road and drives for up to three days straight, to reach the next event in the racing calendar. Needless to say, we had to choose our computer hardware carefully, to ensure that the systems kept running.”

For the latest NASCAR implementation, POSitive chose the Gladius touch screen point-of-sale terminal. “The Harsh Environment that these terminals are exposed to requires only the best equipment, the Obvios terminals are indeed that!”, said Brett. “These products are clearly designed to perform in harsh environments.”

The Gladius terminals are all manufactured with die-cast aluminum cases. This not only makes the terminal very strong, it also greatly assists with managing the heat that is generated in computer equipment. Plastic cased terminals radiate the heat inwards, which affects the speed performance of the processor. The metal case of the Gladius terminal allows some of the heat to be absorbed away from the electronics. This allows the machine to function with much greater efficiency and reliability.

Gavin Blakelock, Sales Manager for Obvios Ltd, comments further. “These units are price-competitive with others on the market, but the enhanced processor performance and robust design has made them very popular, not only in harsh sites like NASCAR, but also places like bars, taverns and in general retail. The reliability of a mission-critical device like a point-of-sale terminal is very important, and the market is responding to the welldeserved
reputation of Obvios.”

So, next time you’re at a NASCAR event, take some time to admire not only the high performance cars, but the best-of-breed computer terminals on show at the APC merchandising trucks. We are sure you will be impressed!