Lotteria 2014-07-02

Crossbow, one of the classic and best-selling products of Firich, has received another success to be implemented to a chain restaurant of Lotteria inChina with its powerful capability. To fulfill the requirements of Lotteria Beijing, FEC provided the stable POS solution combined crossbow, cash drawer, printer, kitchen display system (KDS) with reliable services.

Since 1972, Lotteria has been No.1 fast food restaurant surpassing McDonald's in South Korea. In recent years, Lotteria has stretched out its fast-food business to China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In order to meet the growing market demands, Lotteria is planning to intensively establish hundred restaurants throughout the fist cities in China to take the fast-food brand awareness. In the meantime, choosing a stable and powerful POS solution is absolutely an essential part for dealing with various meal orders and running chronic operation efficiently. Lotteria Beijing needs a compact POS solution to be a strong backing supporting their future expanded businesses, and finally FEC Crossbow with powerful features and excellent services obtained the favor.

Working perfectly for various retail and hospitality applications spread over France, Australia, China,Taiwan, South Africa and so on, FEC compact Crossbow is being highly praised for its reliable system and unique injection-molded cast aluminum housing for harshest environments. Dual screen design enables the customer to show the sales activities or advertising grabbing people's attentions and to generate additional revenue.

Beyond the basic POS demand, FEC also provides Kitchen Display System containing e-Pic Video Controller, Keypad, and 17” LCD monitor to speed the kitchen processing for Lotteria Beijing. Combined industrial high quality of hardware with fine technical services including the installation, testing, training, and maintenance, FEC is making a good cooperation with Lotteria Beijing to fit for all their POS needs.

FEC (Firich Enterprises Co., Ltd.), the worldwide leading POS system provider, proudly announces the successful project. Realizing the importance of a stable and trusted hardware to end-users, FEC is dedicated itself in the POS industry and being innovative forever.


MegaPOS Series: MP-3000

Key Features:
‧Intel Celeron 440 2GHz (Default)
‧Support Dual-Core CPU and 2 x memory DIMM sockets
‧15" TFT LCD / Touch Screen
‧Built-in LCM Customer Display
‧Integrated cable cover for cable attachment
‧Color: Charcoal + Silver