Taverne Maitre Kanter de Saint-Brice 2014-07-02

One of the hottest and powerful products of FEC - Glaive P4 has been successfully installed at the Taverne Maitre Kanter de Saint-Brice, a part of the Group Flo. The Group Flo is the leading group in France's restaurant trade with more than 150 restaurants worldwide. To address the demands of fast service and fine dining in such hot restaurants, the POS systems for the busy and harsh environment are needed to be of high performance and compact construction. The Glaive P4 is an undoubted choice. 
The Glaive P4 is a powerful and fanless POS system with outstanding performance and maximum reliability. It can address all the business needs for hospitality and retail markets under any harsh environment. Besides, the design of abundant I/O access to connect with various peripherals such as i-Button, MCR, RFID, or Fingerprint also provides the customers more solutions to make a choice.


For the Taverne Maitre Kanter, they need reliable POS systems to make their daily operation more efficient and effective and the Glaive P4 of FEC is just the one which provides the best solution to fit for their environments. Therefore, Taverne Maitre Kanter chose the couple FEC Glaive P4 and Acrelec services to get the best reliability and the best services. Acrelec, the partner of FEC, offered them 7/7 on site services, integration support, on site deployment and more than 40 people are involved in the services. All these features and nice experience in the cooperation convinced Taverne Maitre Kanter and other restaurant part of the Group Flo to choose FEC and Acrelec as partner for years.