General Pants Co. in Australia 2015-12-14

General Pants Co. & FEC AerPOS, show off your best style!

General Pants Co. is an Australian fashion retailer that sells both international and national brands which specializes in streetwear, denim, skate clothing and surf wear.  Since launched in 1972, General Pants Co. has become a major style authority and one of fashion's biggest success stories with 58 stores in Australia.  Capturing the zeitgeist every season, it exemplifies up to the minute affordable style, while its brave and irreverent approach has endeared fashion-conscious shoppers and industry insiders alike.

How does FEC help General Pants Co.?

Since the spirit of General Pants Co. is to show off your best style, FEC provide our best and most suitable POS solutions!  FEC have modernized design products that suit the style of fashion store like General Pants.  The design is easy to get adapted, which saves the training time for the employees to allow them to have extra touch with customers.

Products that FEC installed in General Pants Co.:

     - AP3615 WITH P-CAP TOUCH, Intel® i5-2400S, 4GB RAM

     - Fingerprint Reader


About FEC distributor in Australia - Sektor

Sektor is an expert, highly focused, innovative solutions provider of Retail Technology, Data Capture, Label Printing, Network Infrastructure, Security, Surveillance and Mobility products.  Head Quarter is allocated in New Zealand, with branch offices in Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Sektor currently provide FEC POS solution products including, AerPOS series, AerPPC series, PC Box and Monitor series.