By Cary Chao / FEC PM Team

The world of POS is a dynamic one - customers always seeking new and innovative solutions to elevate their business. Most recently, the “big move” is shift from desktop to mobile solutions, particularly Android platform being the most adaptive and preferred by customers.

Android OS, with its open source structure, provides developers the freedom to build a versatile software package. Coupled with FEC’s legendary hardware design, businesses will have the ability to adapt and grow as their demand increases.

That is why FEC has been developing Android POS since 2014 and launched our first Android POS – the PP-9105 in 2015. Featuring Freescale's iMX.6 Quad-core CPU, with a myriad of connectivity options, PP-9105 comes ready to capture today and tomorrow’s fast-moving businesses.

Gathering valuable feedback from our customers, FEC plans to expand the Android product lineup to cover other segments.

Beginning in 2016 Q3, FEC will be introducing PP-8102, a 22” all-in-one Android panel PC targeted for digital signage, self-service and information kiosk segments. In addition, FEC will also introduce a brand-new Android POS lineup in 2016 H2, complete with mobile and desktop products. Stay tuned for more information!

Check FEC first Android based POS system PP-9105 by clicking the link below.
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