Fifteen Makes an Obvios Decision 2014-07-02

Product: POS Systems - Crossbow
Country: Australia
Customer: Fifteen Restaurant

10/4/2006 DH Technology

For the Fifteen restaurant to work efficiently, we need a reliable hardware platform at the counter. The Obvios system provides a fast and compact solution.

Tobie Puttock
Executive Head Chef at ‘Fifteen’ Melbourne

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has launched his Fifteen restaurant initiative in Australia. This program, designed to train and inspire young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, is featured in the Channel 10 show “Jamie's Kitchen - Australia”.

DH Technology, in partnership with hospitality software supplier Redcat Pty Ltd, has provided its leading edge Obvios touch screen terminals for the restaurant. The Obvios product is a showcase brand in this market, because of its high performance design and robust construction. In the chaotic environment of fine dining and fast food, Obvios has demonstrated why it is the first choice of leading system integrators in the hospitality market.

DH Technology is proud to be associated with Fifteen and Jamie Oliver's organization. We are sure that this restaurant and its staff will be a huge success, and we are excited to have played a part in this wonderful initiative.