FEC (Firich Enterprises Co, Ltd.) is pleased to announce that AKAM, FEC’s official distributor in Benelux in the past 2 decades, is now a proud subsidiary of FEC Group. AKAM will be acting as FEC’s official branch office in Netherlands and representing as AKAM – FEC Benelux starting from July 21st, 2017.

“Make it possible” a slogan reflects AKAM’s ambition, make its a recognizable, respected and highly successful value in the industry. FEC and AKAM will keep the strength and ambition to offer best service to customers within the territory of Benelux.

For better product support and prompt customer service, please contact AKAM – FEC Benelux.

AKAM-FEC Benelux
E-mail: info@akam.nl
Address: Bleiswijkseweg 43, 2712 PB ZOETERMEER
TEL: +31 79 34 43 200
FAX: +31 79 34 217 34

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